Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Leonie's Christmas Planner

Today's 'We Stamp For Lara' tutorial is a very groovy one, and has been put together by Leonie Schroder.
Leonie's tutorial is for a Christmas Planner! Such a novel idea for me..actually planning for a big event. So I ripped out my crafting goodies before lunch and made my own using Leonie's instructions.

Look carefully at the middle image...can you see the doozy of a boo boo I made while making this? I was bopping along to Super Massive Blackhole at the time, thinking about Bella and Edward...when I....OOOOOOPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSS! As you 'might' be able to see, I've worked out what I consider a passable work around (just)...but I felt so silly at the time!

I cracked out some of my old Ski Slope DSP (SU)...I love that paper to bits, but managed to make this entirely with part sheets that I had lying about. I didn't have to use any of my untouched stash.

I also used SU's retired Merry Merry stamp set on the front (another old favourite of mine), as well as some delicious Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon.

SO...if you want the instructions to make one of these handy little doovers for yourself...I guess you'll just have to join 'We Stamp For Lara'....HERE.

I have to go back to my washing now...before it takes over the house...BLAH!

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susy said...

What a gorgeous idea, I think all in our house would fall over if I ever became that organised, lol. I've tried and tried but can't see any mistake, you've either hidden it really well or I am suffering from male blindness :-)

susy said...

Oh, oh miss (says me waving my hand in the air) is it that you put November instead of December??? which really I don't consider that big a mistake because if you are super organised enough to have a planner then you are probably going to start getting Christmas organised in November any way, hehe.

Jo said...

Must be a super huge, massive boo boo - have no idea what it may be!

This looks lovely, I just don't see myself ever getting that organised. I tend to do Christmas shopping in one fell swoop!

Paula said...

Blowed if I can see any mistake either Sam! Funny how we creators also think it is glaringly obvious! Would love to have a good at this organiser myself. Better go and get Leonies tutorial, eh?!!

Patrice said...

Hmmmm I'm missing something too Sam. Can't see your big ooooooppppppsssss. Unless it's something to do with the dsp?

Looks gorgeous and totally organised. Love it.

Sam said...

LOL...you guys sure know how to make a girl feel good! Thank you :-).

It IS a super massive boo boo...believe me I actually scolded myself out loud.

I stuck all three of those little half pockets in the middle section CLOSED with STICKY STRIP no less. Those babies are NEVER opening again!

I was mean't to apply sticky strip just down the sides and fold them up...but bopping along and day dreaming like I was....I put sticky strip across the top too, then promptly folded them up and GROANED!

I have recovered said OOOOOPPPPPPPSSSSS by making the DSP decoration panel into the pocket instead. If you check the last photo you can see that the TO DO LISTS slide between the Choc and DSP layers, whereas the SHOPPING LISTS slide behind both the Choc and DSP Layers.

Note to self: Concentrate properly on 3D item instructions!


Debbie Pamment said...

Well I guess I'm in GOOOOOD company - 'cause I just CAN'T see ANY mistakes - LOL. Awesome job I reckon! I too LOVE this DP!

Diane - Rubber 'n Rafters said...

Well it's unamimous. If you hadn't said anything NO ONE would have known. I think it's terrific!