Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Small Offering... has been a long, long time between posts. No excuses...just haven't felt like crafting. Even this little project is cheating was started about 2 months ago, and has spent the intervening period collecting a magnificent coat of dust. Grand plans eh?

But its here now, better late than never, and all that stuff ;-)

I am not even going to try and come up with a recipe for this one. It was made with some stuff I have here...somewhere. The colour combination pleases my does the pretty blue glitter.

We have so much going on here right now...I'll try and fill you in at some point. Enough to say that this weekend I have spent some time relaxing, and enjoying the newly opened blossoms (and the attendant bees) on my ornamental plum tree. It is definitely my favourite few weeks of the floral year!

I also spent a lovely week at the Murramarang Resort at South Durras with Master 4, an oceanside bungalow and a spa bath (hubby O/S and Miss 6 visiting with Grandma)...that was pure joy, and something I definitely hope to do again...we even saw whales breaching in the bay!

Hope you have had a great weekend,

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Jo said...

Wow Sam, that looks beautiful - the card, the plum tree & the resort. Hope you're keeping well!

Anthonette said...

Hi Sam,
Very cheery card! I've missed your work.

susy said...

Hello, long time no see, well blog any way. Reckon the whole non blogging/creating thing must have been an epedimic becuase I was exactly the same and I must confess that I actually enjoyed the break, but then enjoyed it when my creative mojo returned too, sometimes we just need a break from routine.

susy said...

Whoops that was meant to be epedemic, my typing skills are going down the toilet.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Sam, It's great to hear from you again! Have missed you! *LOVE* your card - beautiful colour combo and I love the touch of blue glitter.

Sometimes it's good to have a break and just do something else until we start to get the crafting-itch again.

We have cherry blossoms flowering here too, plus my daffodils started flowering this week. Rock-on Spring - it's been a l-o-n-g cold Winter here in Melbourne.