Saturday, 21 November 2009

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh...


The whole time I was making this little bracelet, I was humming 'We Three Kings'. I think it's the colours. The purple in particular was making me think of royalty, and given Christmas is almost upon us (YES, I know! Where did the year go?)... it seems appropriate.

The gorgeous purple and gold glass lampwork beads are by the very talented Marie of Bleu Verre, the silver is all sterling, and the crystals are by Swarovski:

Not much else going on here, just a peaceful weekend...thank goodness :-).

Hope your weekend is peaceful too!


PS. I went and saw New Moon. I was going to wait until the crowds died down a bit before venturing out...but instead I treated myself to a Dendy Premium seat...(well worth it IMO ;-). It was a great pic...will definitely go see it again in the next few weeks!


Karen said...

Happy Sunday Mornin' Sam!!

Your bracelet is absolutely beautiful! Did you teach yourself to make them or did you take a class somewhere? You gotta start sellin' those baby's!


Debbie Pamment said...

Oooh - more pretty things from you - and I can sooo see why you were humming that song - I can almost smell cinnamon and nutmeg now -LOL! Wow - love that colour combo!!!

Anonymous said...

The bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!!

I bought a ticket for the midnight showing of New Moon and it was wonderful! Five theaters were sold out and I had to get there 2 hours early to get a seat, but it worth every minute of time.