Saturday, 22 August 2009

Long Time No Blog... has been almost four weeks since I last blogged, although at this end it seems like only about 5 minutes.

We've been busy...a couple of trips to Sydney, a bit of building, a bit of celebrating, fun stuff!

I haven't made a single papercraft project in that whole time...but I did knit my first ever scarf!! I bought some hand dyed silk yarn at the recent Craft and Quilt show in Canberra, and managed to knit a WHOLE SCARF (without dropping a single stitch). I feel like an absolute LEGEND.

I am still making the tassles on the ends, then I'm all done...just in time for next Winter ;-). I might put a pic up here when I've finished...but you'll have to remember that it is my first ever WHOLE scarf...and tension is a knitting term that I am not very familiar with.

It was also recently my birthday, and I got a beautiful handmade card and gift from my friend and downline Kim, that I thought I'd share with you:

The little drawers in the box were filled with embellishments, including some Provocraft cutting dies, fancy brads and eyelets. There were also some delicious chocolates in those drawers...but they seem to have gone missing (I don't have a lot of luck with I?). Thank you again Kim :-).

ETA: It is called a Stepper Box, and you can see a great tutorial by Stampin' Terri on how to make it.

My husband and tiddlywinks gave me this gift:

My first thought...Why on EARTH would anyone want to beat their child with a drum ;-)?

...Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, THAT sort of child beating drum! Of course!!

Then I got my 'REAL' gift...a Child Beating Drum being amusing for only so long:

How lucky am I??????! I have been spending a fair bit of time setting this little beauty up. It is so small and light. I haven't installed Photoshop yet....hence the lack of image tweaking...sorry.

It has a camera, so of course I had to have a bit of a play with that: that's about all I have to say at this point. Scintillating stuff eh?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I have missed you and your wonderful creations ! Wow! you get great birthday presents!Hope Kim is going to share how she made that terrific gift!

Leonie said...

Happy, happy belated birthday :) That gift is so awesome, if there is a tutorial out there for that, please share

Karen Rogers said...

happy birthday we have missed you - I'm assumed you were re-reading the Twilight books but much better stuff going on in your life!

susy said...

Happy birthday, love your gifts, both the handmade and the bought ones, well maybe not so much the child beating drum(can see how that one would get old very quickly,lol) lucky you, a new laptop woohoo.

Debbie Pamment said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!! Sounds like you were spoilt rotten - just what you deserve I'm sure!!! Love the box and card set - and your photoshop pics are a lot of fun!!! Great to hear you've been having a lot of fun!

Donna said...

Oh I have missed you! Just the other day I was thinking that I haven't been to Sam's blog for so long!

I hope you had a fantastic and wonderful birthday sweetie....LOVE your gifts...especially the last one!

Don't leave us hanging for so long next time...We miss you! Xx

Ange Kelly said...

Wow! you have been busy ... first 'Happy Birthday' ... that step box thingy is amazing! and Congrats! on your first 'completed' knitted item ...

Ange :)

Andrea said...

Oh I have to try that box, it's gorgeous!...and Happy Birthday!

Jocelyn K aka JoBear2 on SCS said...

Hey there Sam - nice to have you back! Happy belated birthday. I did have a good laugh at the child beating drum because before I scrolled down, I thought what you thought. Mmm, something a bit lost in the Chinese translation.....