Saturday, 2 February 2008

Faux Hair Stamp?

Is anyone aware of Stampin' Up! having issued a Faux Hair stamp any time in the recent past? I'm thinking that with a bit of Basic Brown ink...I may be able to use it to fix an "issue" that arose today ;-). Or maybe I could just use a stem stamp...maybe from the Springtime Stems hostess set!

The photo below shows my daughter, almost 4 years old, at 10am this morning.

I went out this afternoon, to attend my very first downline's very first workshop. When I got home...we played a little game of SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!!! What about you...Can you see it?

Isn't it amazing what they can do with craft scissors these days!

Juliann, if you are out there, any tips on how to fix it? I'm wanting to trim off the bits she missed at the sides...but I don't want to make it any...more of an issue IYKWIM?

Anyway, I got through it (with some deep breathing). It will grow back after all, and it could have been much, MUCH, MUUUUUUUUCH more of an issue...couldn't it?

Ta, ta.


Juliann said...

Oh my! I can not tell you how many times this happens! I don't think that there is anything cuter!!! Haha maybe I am just goofy!!!
I would finish off what she started, don't go to far over to the sides though, just even it out, kids hair grows the fastest out of anyones, if you need to just clip up the long ones that hang over on the side in a little bobby pin. Just tell everyone it is trendy new baby bangs!!!

In about a month it will all be over and you will just be left with some adorable pictures!!!
(scrap 'em!)

BTW...I am still giggling!!!

Have a great weekend!

~* Tracy *~ said...

oooh!!! I have to tell you what a friends daughter did many years ago when she was about that age... Little miss had decided her hair was annoying her so she not only hacked her fringe off... she hacked off as much as she could with KIDS SAFETY SCISSORS?? Can you imagine the mess? She had to have a 'boy' haircut and it took months to grow back! I'd say, just be thankful it's just her fringe and not her whole head!!!! Eep!
hugs, Tracy