Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Scribble Wheel

Hubby's comment on this's black! Well yes, yes it is. What can you say? He is right after all! But, it is not ONLY black. The rest is Summer Sun, Old Olive, Whisper White and Rose Red.

I smudged the White Craft Ink on the background, when I was putting it together.......but I photoshopped that out in a jiffy ;-)! Ahhhh, if only there was Photoshop for life eh?

Hubby is right though. It is an...odd combination. I had decided I was going to use some of my Summer was a trickier task than I had expected. My other largish issue with this card was that I was mean't to be thinking of a swap design for our upcoming Regionals, to be held in Sydney. The sets I used here (Scribble Wheel and Office Accoutrements) are, however, not on sale after November 30th this what good is that? They may come back in next year's Idea Book and Catalogue, but there are no back to the drawing board for me!!!!

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Sarah said...

I LOVE this one!

Sarah (, so you'll know who I am!)