Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tinkering with MDS...

Earlier this week Stampin' Up! released MDS (My Digital Studio) in Australia, and because I am going to convention in Brisbane (hooray)...I got a free copy (double hooray)!! This afternoon I thought I'd have me a bit of a tinker with it, you know...push some random buttons and see what happened. Well, I pushed buttons for a good bit longer than I intended to, but I did have a lot of fun.

I find the program is quite intuitive, and those things that I haven't been able to fathom for myself, I got help with from my lovely (and oh-so-patient) upline Di. Thanks Di. I can see we are gonna have some fun with this :-).

Anyhoo...this is what popped out the other end of my button pushing session...
I was not going to write up a supply list, but then I remembered having seen a button labelled 'supplies' somewhere along my wanderings. I just went and checked and managed to find it here it is, a list of supplies (hooray)...

MDS SUPPLY LIST (all by Stampin' Up!):
Designer Series Paper/Nursery - designer series paper/Nursery - 1
Staple & Stitching/Chocolate - Simple Stitches line 3
Staple & Stitching/Chocolate - Simple Stitches line 10
Taffeta Trimmings/Taffeta Trimmings - ripple regal rose
Staple & Stitching/Chocolate - Simple Stitches corner 2
Basic Pearls and Rhinestones/Basic Pearls and Rhinestones - pearl
small (re-colored = Chocolate Chip)
Little Additions/Little Additions - bunny, Color = Chocolate Chip
Labels & Tags/Labels Collection 2, Filled with: Designer Series Paper/_Designer Kits/Special Delivery Subtle - designer series paper/Special Delivery Subtle - 5
Designer Series Paper/Cottage Wall - designer series paper/Cottage Wall - pattern 8
Designer Series Paper/Nursery - designer series paper/Nursery - 2
Designer Series Paper/Sweet Details - designer series paper/Sweet Details - 6
Card Stock/Chocolate Chip

If I don't make it back in here again before Easter, Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely, long holiday weekend.


KimB said...

It looks great Sam. It's amazing how much detail you've got in tehre - shadows even!I was planning on asking how you've been finding it and now I know ;) I've only got as far as watching a couple of videos. x

Karen said...

OMG!!! I didn't know you had rejoined SU???

Love what you made with MDS too:)

Luv K

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Looks really cool Sam! I made a digital card ages ago using Microsoft Publisher and NitWit digi images/papers etc. It looked really great but took me about 4 hours LOL - but then again, I was teaching myself how to layer and resize images and put different bits to the front or back. Hopefully the SU program is much easier to use and navigate through.

Have you rejoined SU?

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Well done, Sam! This is really cool! Hugs xxx