Friday, 2 November 2012

Bits 'n Pieces...

Not feeling all that much craftin' love right now...but I've pulled out all stops to come up with a little something quirky to pop up here, just so you know I haven't abandoned my blog.

I have been thinking about lady beetles a lot lately. This is mainly because we seem to get quite a few of them up here, and I do like their polka-dotty cuteness.  So Dotty the lady beetle it is...
I have included the second shot, because I think you can see the pearlex that I have used for Dotty's cheeks and dot highlights. I just applied it dry with a sponge it'll wipe off pretty easy (and messy), but I do like how it shines.

Now for a few other random pics...
Beautiful Standley Chasm
The wall behind me is COVERED in flannel flowers....just beautiful!

...and last but not least, Miss 8 - ready for her very first time trick or treating. Halloween is big up here!
Watch out Forks...there is a scary new vampire in town, and she's messy!

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Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh my goodness, how cute - I LOVE this ladybird! How beautifully creative.

Love the photos - wow!

We celebrated Halloween for the first time this year and I even decorated the lounge room - the younger generation seem to be wanting to celebrate it. We only had 1 lot of Trick or Treaters - guess I'll have to eat the rest of the bag of kit kats myself LOL!!

Jocelyh X