Sunday, 8 July 2012

How to Catch Yourself Some Winter Sunshine...

At the risk of sounding like I'm has been total mayhem here. Wrapping up work and school, packing, cleaning, fixing, exhibiting the house and working out all the administrative nitty gritty of moving interstate with three children in tow. Total mayhem. Even more so than moving onto the boat last year...this makes last year's preparations look like a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. But I'm not complaining, we have lots to look forward to!

I haven't had the energy or inclination to blog, or in fact to do much of anything creative. I have been reading a little though, just before I go to bed. I guess it helps me to unwind...although I'm not sure that the books I've been reading are really that conducive to unwinding...Clive Cussler and Steve Berry... lots of action and intrigue, certainly great escapism material :-).

I did manage to make some sparkly little suncatchers a while back, as gifts for the kid's teachers. Our teachers have been totally awesome, so we wanted them to have something special...
The lampwork bells are all by Sari of Gaialai on Etsy. The sparkly crystals are by Swarovski and the silver beads and wire is all sterling. I found a new way to wire these suncatchers which is more economical, and much easier for me to wind and finish neatly. I was feeling very chuffed with the end results.

Now I'm going to kick back on the couch and watch some more telly. Hope your weekend was good.
PS. My face has healed nicely. Thanks for your messages!

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KimB said...

Hi Sam :)
The bright colours of these lovely suncatchers just make me feel like its summer - even though I know it was probably only about 13 degrees when you took the pics! Hope you are nearing the end of the chaos. thinking of you all.
Kim x

Sandy said...

So glad you are healing. Sounds like you have been super busy. Love your sun catchers they just sing sunshine, so need some of that here its drizzle drizzle at the moment. Take care. Sandy :)

Asha said...

Dinky darling doo-dahs!!!! LOOOVE them, Sam! I'm thinking ear-rings, but would that be too Dame Edna? I wonder...

Karen said...

OMG!! your moving - where to??

I just love your little sun catchers - your so clever!

Thanks heaps for your little message on my blog too. Now that I have my laptop up and working it makes it SO much easier to reply to emails. Ipads take me too long to reply to anything hence why I have been slack! lol

Luv K

Patrice said...

These are beautiful Sam. I bet they were much loved by the teachers.


Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Hi Sam,

Wow - these suncatchers are BEAUTIFUL! I love the gorgeous, bright colours - reminds me of warm, sunny weather. So tired of winter - feels like it has been winter FOREVER! I can't even begin to imagine trying to pack for a big move around 2 kids and a baby - it would be incredibly stressful and difficult. Thinking of you :-) and glad your face is getting better too.

Jocelyn X

Zippy said...

So glad your face is healing. These are stunning! I would love them in my garden! Xxx