Monday, 6 June 2011

Cookies and Cream...with a touch of Mary Poppins

Today I got a chance to do some crafty tinkering, and I felt like playing with fun and pretty I did! I used some supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beads by Laura of Chestnut Ridge Designs on Etsy...

The photos above are both by Laura (thanks Laura). Laura makes gorgeous beads, and she is even trialling free shipping at the moment...if you like colourful lampwork beads in fabulous shapes and designs, go check out her shop...spit spot!

This is what I made with Laura's beads...

The colours are pretty much Whisper White, Chocolate Chip and a lovely blue that I don't have a name for. It is a really bright and lovely colour though! If you hadn't already noticed, this combo is a bit of a fav for me (as evidenced by my blog header and sig line), and makes me think of Cookies and Cream (not sure why though).

I wish that I had made the bracelet prior to today...then I could have worn it out to see Mary Poppins last night. If you have a chance to see this stage show, you was AWESOME!!

The kids and I have been singing show tunes all day, and they are watching the movie on TV as I type, and comparing differences.

Anyhoo, best step lively now...things to do, people to see...

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