Monday, 14 February 2011

Thanks Beary Much!

I know it has been pretty quiet in here...but I haven't only been feeding, burping and changing nappies! It is just that any crafting is only done in very small increments, over much larger periods of time. My first priority after making sure that Thumper is fed, clothed, entertained and gas-free (the child seems to be very gaseous...and tends to want to keep them to himself, until you try to put him down to sleep...THEN he screeches about it) that I get some SLEEP!

Thumper is feeding about four-hourly at present (with the odd period of three-hourly feeds and the very, very odd period of 5-6 hourly feeds - last night I scored a five-hourly...and got FOUR UNBROKEN HOURS of shut-eye bliss...YEAH ME, YEAH THUMPER...). I usually only get two blocks of two - three hours of sleep in any one I'm feeling pretty crusty round the edges....and spending every free moment during the day behind my beautiful eye-mask ;-).

Aaaaaaaannnnyhoooooo, in my non-sleeping spare time (feels like about 36 minutes of it in the last two weeks ;-) I have managed to make up a batch of seven baby thank you cards:

List of Ingredients:

Cardstock: Bashful Blue and Barely Banana (SU) and Stamper's Select White (PTI)
Ink: Tuxedo Black Memento (Tsukineko)
Stamps: Baby Button Bits (PTI), Mat Stack 1 Collection (PTI) and Tags for Spring (PTI)
Accessories: Picnic Plaid Impression Plate (PTI), Spring Rain Luxe Satin Ribbon (PTI), Mat Stack 1 Die (PTI), 2008 Bitty Dot Basics Patterned Paper (PTI), White Buttons (Misc), Tombow Adhesive (Penwa), Foam Mounting Tape (Misc) and Mini Glue Dots (SU).

Now I just have to get my act together and write in them and send them off to various family members! You are probably wondering why I didn't make them BEFORE Thumper arrived, and be all organised etc. Well, that would have just been plain sensible...wouldn't it????...and not my usual modus operandi at all ;-).

In another of my precious spare minutes one day (in fact I may have even been feeding Thumper at the same time) I played with some photos (and made a new watermark). I've applied a bunch of Pioneerwoman Actions to these...don't ask me which ones, or in what order...lets just say lots!

Four days old...

 ...also four days old

 Big yawn...

Two weeks old...

First trip to Sydney - Two weeks old...

Ok....its some two hours after I first started this post (no I wasn't sitting here the whole time), and I've got to go feed the wee munchkin again.

Have a nice day!


Karen said...

Hellooooooooo Sam!

Well first off, I think your card is super cute and just perfect for those thank you cards! gorgeous is that little wee bubby of yours? Does he have a name yet? I can't believe he's been on his first boat trip already - your a brave woman! lol

You look fab too - you'd never know you had a baby a few weeks back!

Take care and enjoy that precious sleep!


Debbie Pamment said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaggh I missed the announcement - NOOOOOOO! AND you went and waited until I got back from holidays too! Serves me right for taking some days of work on and not getting near the computer enough!!!

HE IS TOTALLY GORGEOUS SAM - especially now the glue has driend - LOL! AM soooooo happy for you! Love the hospital photo too - and your fun post! And your gorgeous Thank You cards!

Was thinking you should be popping/have popped so started a card to try to get ahead - DAMN it's PINK - LOL.

BIG HUGS to you ALL!

Blossom inch said...

Found you through the cyber world and what a nice blog you have and all your works are nice. I am a crafter and scrapbooker as well. Come over to my blog whenever you free. Your baby is cute! gorgeous!!!!
I am your new follower as well.

Leonie said...

What a cute little card, and your photos of your new little man are sooooo scrummy! You are making me all clucky! Thankyou for mentioning the lack of sleep to "keep it real"! lol! Hats off to you for getting some crafting done :)

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

Oh, what gorgeous cards Sam! Incredibly adorable! I just don't know where you found the time to make them!!

LOVE the photos of your beautiful boy. I remember all the constant feeding - and then, when after about 2 months, my DD dropped one of her night feeds, I woke up suddenly in a fright thinking something was wrong, and tore into her bedroom at breakneck speed with my heart pounding tripping over my own feet, and there she was - blissfully asleep. I went back to bed but couldn't sleep with all the adenalin-rush LOL! Bet I'm not the only Mum who has done that.....LOL! Funny how 4 hours sleep can seem so incredibly long when you used to get 3 or less - and it's amazing how much better you can feel because of it!

{{hugs}} Jocelyn

lena said...

First I like to say what a cute baby. Second is card is cute. Third baby still cuter. I am a new follower and love to invite you to my blog for a give away @

Paula said...

Where have I been, that I missed these gorgeous photo's of young Eric! What a fine looking son you have there Sam. You look wonderful yourself!! I take my hat off to you ♥

Anthonette said...

Hi Sam,
Wonderful thank you cards! I love that PTI baby stamp set.

Your Little One is precious. Love the photos you took.