Sunday, 31 January 2010

Christmas Cards and Caprese Salad...

I have a few more beautiful Christmas cards that were sent to me by stamping friends, that I have been meaning to put up here to share with you.

The first one is by my wonderfully talented, blogging buddy Debbie (I loved it when I saw it on her blog, and it is even better IRL). Santa's beard and fur trim is all covered in Dazzling Diamonds...very sparkly!:

This next beautiful card one is from my good stamping friend (and sideline) Veronica. The reindeer panel is embossed gold....and it looks lovely:

...and last, but certainly not least, this very stylish card is by another good stamping friend, Di (another card that looks even better IRL...especially with all the bling that covers the tree):

Thanks again for your lovely cards and Christmas wishes girls!

I also just wanted to show you a picture of our lunch.......yummy Caprese salad (well, its almost a Caprese salad...I've used Cow's milk Bocconcini instead of Buffalo Milk Mozzarella...close but not exactly the same) on crusty bread stick slices. We LOVE this in my family:


- crusty bread stick,
- extra virgin olive oil (I like trying out various Australian olive oils),
- roma tomatoes, or other extra tasty tomatoes,
- bocconcini (I like South Cape),
- fresh basil (YUMMY).....need to get some more growing in the herb garden, and
- salt flakes (I love Murray River gourmet salt flakes).

This is so delicious, :-).

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Corie said...

These are gorgeous!!! Love them all!!

Anonymous said...

How yummy your lunch looks! It's a big favoriate in my house, too. I'm glad you're having a great summer holiday because we are up to our knees in snow!