Thursday, 11 June 2009

This bracelet makes it feel like Spring!

...ok, in tandem with the 'puter blowing itself up, the ol' cardmaking mojo appears to have gone out in sympathy. Or maybe it is just frozen onto the inside of my skull and can't detach itself right now.

In the absence of anything papercrafty to show you, I thought I'd show this bracelet I recently made, using lovely bright lampwork beads made by the very talented Jelveh of Jelveh Designs:

What do you reckon? Does it make it feel like spring for you? I'm thinking of Strawberry Daiquiris by a pool :-). I know I'm getting ahead of myself here (seasonally speaking)...but you have to have something to hold onto...don't you? ;-).

It must be nearly time to go make dinner...

Have fun!

PS. The green on the beads is a sort of Certainly flash has kinda washed it into the lemony spectrum...but its not. Just thought you should know. Ciao Ciao!


Debbie Pamment said...

Another stunning piece of jewellery! It's great to see your work and I must admit to loving the idea of strawberry daiquiris - even though I don't have a pool - LOL

Donna Maria said...

This is just gorgeous Sam....As usual! You just make the most beautiful things! And yes it does remind me of spring....Beautiful! Xx

Chat Noir said...

Hi Sam,

I just love the beads you use... the lampwork is beautiful isn't it? That's a delicious shade of red, and congratulations on knowing how to spell daiquiris!! No way could I do that without looking it up....and then you have to know how to spell it first!!

You asked a while back about selling your work. I am super shy about that (just ask Debbie P), but I have sold some. Generally I'd make to order, and you just HAVE to charge what it costs. My friends say they're happy to pay for a one-off bracelet cos they know they wont see it anywhere else.

Your work is beautiful. You have an eye for colour and texture. Encourage all the people you give them to to advertise for you!!

Still looking for the photo. Boy do I need some time to sort things.

Kate Lewis said...

Absolutely gorgeous Sam! Well it's summer (of sorts!) here in the UK so this would be perfect for a special summer party - just beautiful colours! Kate x

Karen said...

ohhhhhh now that sure is pretty Sam!! Absolutely love that - they are my kind of colors!