Sunday, 26 August 2007

My cardmaking tale of woe...

You remember the stall I told you about three posts back? Well, I made a bunch of handmade cards for that stall. Including the Father's day card shown below. Can you guess how many cards I sold? I'll give you a hint.....None! Zip, zero, nada, nothing, nil, not a single one. So now I have a sizeable collection of hand made cards, almost half of which are Father's day. What does one do with multiple Father's day cards, two weeks out from the event? Want one?

The shirt on this one is folded following a tutorial posted by Cambria Turnbow. The paper is Treehouse. The colours are Cranberry Crisp, Marigold Morning, Buckaroo Blue and True Thyme. I did have a brain fart somewhere along the way and a couple are made with Brocade Blue instead of Buckaroo Blue. Does anyone else find these two difficult to differentiate after making cards for hours on end? I have also used some of the Cranberry Crisp stitched Grosgrain ribbon.......ribbbbbboooooooooonnnnnnnnn (think Homer Simpson and donuts).


Robyn said...

I think your card looks great. Such a shame you didn't sell them on the day. Obviously too many other things for people to buy.

Ryemilan said...

Thanks Robyn. I appreciate your comment. Do you need a Father's Day card? I'll send you one if you like :-).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

the card looks great! I ended up donating some to the P&C for their FD stall. Like you said - how many FD cards can one person use!!! Still, this one would make a good birthday card for a Dad too.