Sunday, 27 May 2007

'In Colour' Marker Blenders

At convention in Sydney, Shelli showed us this fabulous idea...and being a huge fan of the 'In Colours' (feels like I am talking about the cool kids at school)..I had to make them for myself.

All you need is a three pack of unused blender pens, and the re-inkers for the 'In Colours'. You put a couple of drops of each colour into the cap of each pen, different colour each end. Then punch out a 1/4 inch circle of each colour and glue dot it to the end of the pen, so you can see which colour it is. Potentially messy if your caps leak, you don't put them on properly, you are gesticulating wildly whilst opening etc....but otherwise pretty darn cool, IMO.

PS. Do you like my 'studio' shot? Shame about the crapola DOF....but otherwise I bet you thought I took my reinkers and pens to Pixie Photo and asked them to do me a shot...huh? You did, didn't you ;-).


~* Tracy *~ said...

Wasn't Shelli just wonderful at our Convention? I haven't tried making these blender pen markers yet! Still have to get the reinkers... One day!
Love your "studio shot" too ;) I just got myself a new camera and have been trying for my very own "studio shots"!! Good fun!

Ryemilan said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks for the compliment on my 'studio' shot! I set up some WW cardstock and a little desk lamp et very own Pixie shoot ;-). Good luck with your camera (or maybe that is being rude....with photography, it is all luck for me...but I know some people actually know what they are doing and luck plays no part :-).

Yep, Shelli was awesome. She really is very talented and lovely. It was a pleasure to 'meet' her at convention.....well, I didn't actually meet her, but you know what I mean.

The blender pens work well for me. I have to order a new pack of blender pens though, because I used all of mine up for that little project.

Thanks for visiting my little blog.